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Axioo Chromebook & Notebook reached 43% of Manufactured Local Content Level

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Axioo Indonesia - The pioneer of the first and biggest notebook from Indonesia fully support government programs proud of products made in Indonesia and improvement of Manufactured Local Content Level on products marketed in the country.

PT. Tera Data Indonusa as the principal of Axioo have got manufactured local content level of 43.64% for the latest product line, Axioo Chromebook. As for the product Axioo MyBook which has been spread in the market has the manufactured local content level of 43.25%.

President director of PT. Tera Data Indonusa, Michael Sugiarto says that “We welcome all forms of government support for Indonesian-made products and we will continue to strive all Axioo products to reach manufactured local content level above 40%.” Axioo factory, Friday, May 21 2021.

This is inseparable from the Presidential Regulation Number 12 year 2021, article 66 which states that: Ministry/Institution/Regional Working Unit must use domestic products when there is a domestic product which has the sum of the values manufactured local content level plus BMP for at least 40%.

They hope this effort is able to make a greater contribution in increasing the consumption of domestic products.


Axioo Chromebook present to complete the teaching and learning process so that it can be done faster, easier, and more exciting with a variety of interesting applications. Students' creativity during distance learning heavily tested when the laptop is not supported with various application/software which is needed in learning-teaching process.

Chromebook has been recognized and trusted by the government to be used and support the progress of Education in Indonesia. Axioo Chromebook ready to be the best choice.

As real evidence Axioo has long had a Vocational High School education program and teachers. Axioo Class Programis an educational program in preparing skilled workers according to industry needs through the curriculum synchronization program, continuous workshop for teachers, IT-based learning and certification validation international standard. This program provides integrated training to students and teachers.

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