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Axioo Indonesia becomes “Intel Best Partner 2020” in Asia Pacific!

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Axioo Indonesia – Quoted from Vice President of Intel Santhosh Viswanathan, on Thursday (4/22/2021) express gratitude and appreciation to the contribution of its business partners in the Asia Pacific region. “We have been able to make extraordinary things happen in 2020 thanks to our partners that support us every year, in an effort to drive business transformation and make a great impact in public. This appreciation for their outstanding contribution in the Asia Pacific region and Japan!”. says him. Axioo, As an original Indonesian laptop brand, has won an award as “Intel Best Partner 2020”.


Axioo as the selected Indonesian Laptop brand in this award surely very proud of it. As a brand from Indonesia, Axioo really likes the performance of the laptop which is very well supported using processors from the world's number one semiconductor company, Intel. Axioo and Intel are a collaboration of business partners in presenting the best technology devices that could make a change for the world, with very advanced technology.

Apart from expressing the admiration for the business partner, Intel also really appreciates some of its business partners, which are 35 companies, including Axioo Indonesia in Asia Pacific, such as: Pith, PLE computers, Sarana Cipta Komputer, scorptec, ST Engineering, SNS Network, Synnex Japan, Synnex, Sophos Cybersecurity Evoled, Tata Consultancy Services, thegioididong, Thirdwave, vmware, VSeries, World Peace Industrial Group, WT Microelectronics, Yokogawa Rental and Lease Coorporation, Achiea Group of Companies, Advice, Aftershock, ASRock Industrial, Bestcom, Dicker Data, OS Co, Ltd, Elite Group, Frontier, Gamma, Hanoi Computer, Ingram, Iomniscient, LacViet, Mwave, PBTech, PC Express, and Axioo Indonesia.

As Intel's business partner, Axioo has also collaborated with several vocational-level schools throughout Indonesia for the advancement of the nation's children's education. Axioo Class Program become the right teaching and learning tool for the education level of children and adolescents at the vocational level and is also fully supported by Intel.

Axioo Class Program is an educational program in preparing skilled workers according to industry needs through curriculum synchronization programs, continuous workshops for teachers, IT-based learning and validation of international certification. This program provides integrated training to students and teachers.


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