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Axioo Ready to Make an Engineering Center For Local Brand Laptop

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Axioo Indonesia - Being a country with a host industry in the country is a long-held dream. However, the step towards there sounds like a mere slogan and need a high commitment to achieve it.

Our President trying hard to make that dream come true. Therefore, he instructed the general of Indonesian National Armed Forces, Luhut Binsar Panjaitan as Coordinating Minister in Maritime Affairs and Investment of the Republic of Indonesia to realize noble ideals so that these local Indonesian industries can host in their own country.

Axioo is a local brand laptop which is made in Indonesia and armed with decades of experience has states ready, to carry out the President's instructions to the general of Indonesian National Armed Forces, Luhut Binsar Panjaitan as Coordinating Minister in Maritime Affairs and Investment of the Republic of Indonesia to strengthen the domestic industry, one of which is laptop products.


Axioo also committed to support the initiative Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia in realizing engineering center for local brand laptops in Indonesia which is expected to trigger the creation of a laptop ecosystem starting from intellectual property to the main component and supporting components for domestic laptop products, where this will open up great opportunities for the development of domestic industry both large and small-medium industries. Besides that, Axioo also highly appreciates to Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology for the trust in Axioo Chromebook in order to meet the needs of Technology, Information and Communication fiscal year 2021.

With the experience of Axioo in designing products that have been started since 2008 through Axioo products Neon MNC, Neon MLC, and Neon CLW which became the exclusive design of Axioo that utilizes local wisdom. This Axioo design is then used in foreign countries, such as HCL company from India, DNS company from Russia, Casper company from Turkey, and Positivo company from Brazil, which companies are the local market leaders for the laptop industry in their respective countries.

In addition, the peak of achievement that makes Axioo proud as a product of the nation's as delegation of Indonesia is become one of the first laptop brands in the world which carries a laptop with Intel Core i7 2nd Gen at the event Intel launching event di CES - Las Vegas, United States in 2011. This achievement makes Axioo increasingly recognized as a world-class laptop manufacturer.

Axioo also actively contributes to investing in Indonesian local property intellectuals. With all of this, Axioo is able to demonstrate commitment and capability to support transfer of knowledge in the field of Computer Science Technology either in the form of Industrial Design (ID), Mechanical Engineering (ME), Electrical Engineering (EE), Prototyping, and also Human Resource Development which is capable and encourage the localization of component production.

Real steps as proof that Axioo can be a product of the nation's proud which is the host in their own country is when able to realize the achievement of local content who have reached the value of 43%. This achievement complies with the Presidential Regulation number 12 year 2021, article 66which states that: Ministry/Institution/Regional Working Unit must use domestic products if there are domestic products which has the sum of the values of manufactured local content level plus BMP value for at least 40%.

“We welcome all forms of government support for Indonesian-made products and we will continue to strive all Axioo products has the manufactured local content level above 40% as our effort to support government programs to revive domestic industry," says Michael Sugiarto, President director of PT Tera Data Indonusa, Axioo brand owner.

Recent achievements of Axioo is having a license of Chromebook to release a laptop based on the operating system made by Google with quality that is equivalent to global laptop brands.

For the processor, Axioo continue cooperation with Intel to supply the computing chips on its Chromebooks. This is a government program in order to improve the quality of education in Indonesia.

“Our commitment to creating high quality products has earned the trust and full support of Google, so we can have an official license to be able to present Chromebook with the best quality in Indonesia. And we give appreciation to Ministry of Education and Culture for the trust in procuring Chromebooks in Indonesia," says Michael.

We do all of this to realize the dream of becoming a domestic laptop product that is the host in its own country.

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