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Press Release

Jakarta, March 16 2022 - Axioo as an original Indonesian brand managed to achieve a satisfactory score of up to 48.14% in fulfilling the Domestic Content Level and Weight of Company Benefits which is registered through the program to Increase the Use of Domestic Products Ministry of Industry.

As part of the local industry, this is also Axioo's step to fulfill its regulatory obligations as regulated in Government Regulations number 29 of 2018 concerning Empowerment of Domestic Industry.

President Director of PT. Tera Data Indonusa (Axioo Indonesia), Michael Sugiarto, said that the increase in the achievement of the newly achieved TKDN and BMP scores strengthens the consistency & existence of Axioo as an original Indonesian brand in supporting the government's efforts to provide space for national industries to compete independently in the international market.

"The increase in TKDN and BMP certifications to 48.14% is a success that we have obtained from the addition of the Company's Benefit Weight score by 10.5%. This is a positive step for the company in an effort to open up more opportunities for Axioo to become a product that must be purchased and recommended to support the laptop procurement program for Government Institutions, Ministries and Non-Ministries to the Commercial sector." says Michael Sugiarto, President Director of PT. Tera Data Indonusa.

This is in line with the basis of Presidential Regulation Number 21 of 2021 Article 66, government agencies are required to purchase domestic products that have a minimum TKDN + BMP value of 40%. When a product has a combined TKDN + BMP value of 40% or more, then the product category must be purchased locally through the E-catalog system or other government procurement systems. The categories of Axioo products that are TKDN certified include, MyBook ( 37,25% + 10,5% = 47,75%) ; MyBook Pro K-Series ( 36,13 + 10,5 = 46,63%) and Chromebook ( 37,64% + 10,5% = 48,14 %).

In addition to achieving increased TKDN+BMP certification, Axioo's ability as an original Indonesian brand has always been able to offer better products in terms of features, specifications, designs and total cost of ownership (Innovative Yet Affordable / IYA product) so that Axioo is able to compete with other brands. Axioo is also ready to support Indonesia to meet the needs of procuring laptops in large quantities for government and commercial institutional clients from the past few years to the coming years with more innovative and affordable products according to the needs of the Indonesian people.

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