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PT. Tera Data Indonusa Appoints PT. ASABA as Authorized Distributor of Axioo Commercial Products

Press Release

Jakarta, February 17 2022 - PT. Tera Data Indonusa as the owner of the Axioo laptop brand announces its partnership with PT. ASABA (Aneka Sakti Bakti) as a distributor of IT products, stationary, and the leading office equipment in Indonesia as an official distributor of Axioo laptop products commercial series to reach a wider target market and more precisely through strategic alliances owned by both parties.

"Strength of sales and distribution strategy of PT. ASABA will add a new ecosystem for PT. Tera Data Indonusa to reach a wider market especially in the commercial and government fields. This is in line with the objectives of PT. Tera Data Indonesia to present solutions in support of the laptop Procurement program for government and commercial institutions in Indonesia" says Michael Sugiarto President Director of PT. Tera Data Indonusa. With the Axioo Laptop Product in the product line distributed by PT ASABA will also complement the product and brand variants that have been previously distributed by PT. ASABA

"With more than 48 years of experience and also the spread of business lines in various government agencies and partners who are successful in big cities in Indonesia, PT. ASABA as an experienced distributor company feels proud and confident ready to take the opportunity and take advantage of the extensive network to add to the range of product solutions provided to customers especially to support the Indonesian people who need the best-performing laptops that can support their productivity" says Dionesius Setiabudi, President Director of PT. ASABA.

Coinciding with the appointment of PT. ASABA as Authorized distributor, PT. Tera Data Indonusa will also launch its newest series product, namely Axioo MyBook Pro K-series which is the latest laptop series from Axioo with the support of the highest and best-in-class Intel® Core™ Processor which is predicted to be able to provide the best performance to increase work productivity. The Axioo MyBook Pro K-series is planned to come with various variants of the core-i series processor class that can be adapted to user needs. Memory and storage are also available in various large capacities and can be upgraded easily. This type of storage capacity on this laptop uses an NVME SSD version which has a high speed to make it easier to store, access and transfer data.

This exclusive product is planned to be officially introduced by Axioo and ASABA to the public at the end of February 2022 by pocketing TKDN + BMP of 46.63%, The Axioo MyBook K-series is also considered to be very worthy of being taken into account to support the laptop procurement program by government agencies in Indonesia.

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