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Jakarta - PT. Tera Data Indonusa as Axioo's Principal Brand made another achievement by winning the "Partner Of The Year 2022" award. Previously, in 2021 PT. Tera Data Indonusa also won the 2021 Partner Of The Year award.

The main director of PT. Tera Data Indonusa Michael Sugiarto said, the award proves Axioo's commitment to always provide innovative products with the latest technology for consumers.

“It is an honor for us to receive the Intel Best Partner Of The Year award. This award proves our commitment to be an excellent company by always providing innovative yet affordable product solutions for the community," said Michael Sugiarto, President Director of PT Tera Data Indonusa (Axioo Principal Brand )

As the Number 1 Laptop Brand in Indonesia, Axioo is certainly very serious in presenting the latest innovations and technology products, especially now that more and more Indonesians are in need of quality laptops. Responding to the challenges of today's market needs, Axioo will be more aggressive in presenting laptops with the latest technology using processors from the number one semi-conductor company in the world, namely INTEL. With the latest technology and has an extraordinary performance speed that can increase the productivity of consumers.

Intel Best Partner is an annual award held by INTEL as a form of appreciation to all partners in Asia Pacific with the best work performance in their fields based on strict and accurate testing parameters for one year.

This award is expected to be able to strengthen Intel's relationship with Axioo Indonesia. Besides Axioo, the "Partner Of The Year" award was also given to VAIO Corporation, SNS Network(M) Sdn, NTT Communication Corporation, PT Agres Info Teknologi, NEC Corporation and others.

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