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Professional Requirements

  • Responsible for the quality of raw materials confirmation and provide technical guidance to the work of IQA, responsible for raw materials unqualified product list and quality information feedback list processing

  • Responsible for small batch trial product quality control and quality tracking, and put forward the existing quality problems and hidden dangers;

  • Responsible for raw materials, semi-finished products, finished product quality problem identification, tracking and coordination of relevant departments to solve quality problems;

  • Responsible for timely monitoring of the quality of the production process, the emergence of quality abnormalities in a timely manner or coordinated solution;

  • Responsible for the quality of raw materials / semi-finished products / finished products for statistical analysis, monitoring the company's product quality level and provide the basis for quality management decisions;

  • Responsible for the analysis of quality problems and quality accidents in the production process, and put forward suggestions for improvement.

  • Responsible for the implementation of the process discipline of the staff to supervise, check, correct violations of process discipline;

  • Participate in the training of employees' quality awareness, quality skills and quality knowledge

  • Responsible for the investigation, analysis and coordination of customer complaints and quality feedback;


  • College degree with more than 3 years working experience, major in electronics

  • Bachelor degree or above, major in electronics.

    Experience Required:

  • Familiar with the quality process control of electronic enterprises, understand the inspection standards and inspection knowledge of components;

  • Familiar with statistical methods of quality data, be able to organize quality conferences;

  • At least 3 years of quality management experience in electronic company;

  • Familiar with the quality management system, with 9000 system Foreign

  • Language Requirement: English

  • Computer requirements: skilled use of a variety of office software, data analysis, etc.

  • Other requirements: work actively, practical, serious, responsible, responsible, good communication skills.

Cara Apply

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