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Axioo Support the Government policy in Distance Learning

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Jakarta, April 1 2021 – Chromebook is a device made by Google that aims to close the gap in education around the world. At the moment, chromebook received enough support and a warm welcome from the community and governments from all over the world. Including the Indonesian Government which currently has a special policy from the President about Pembelajaran Jarak Jauh (PJJ) system which specifically combine the electronic technology and Internet-based technology. Welcoming this, Axioo as a genuine Indonesian laptop manufacturer also support the world of education in Indonesia by presenting the best Chromebook laptops.

Axioo officially has got support from Google to present local Chromebook from Indonesia. “Not all brands can get this license, Our commitment in developing good quality products have got full trust and support from Google so we can have an official license to present Chromebooks with the best quality in Indonesia,” says Michael Sugiarto, Director of Axioo Indonesia. Axioo Chromebook specially designed to help the teaching and learning process “Daring” (Dalam Jaringan). Equipped with Chrome Device Management (CDM) which will make the teaching and learning process easier because students and teachers are contained in one device which is simple, integrated, and easy to use.

Not inferior in quality with international brand, Axioo is the pioneer of the first and largest notebook from Indonesia who has brought notebooks by the nation's children to foreign countries since its establishment in 2004. Apart from Google, Axioo Chromebook is also fully supported by Intel processor with the best semiconductor technology in the world, and also Axioo in collaboration with Quanta Computer which is the world's leading notebook manufacturer. With this synergy, Axioo have the confidence to present the best and decent Chromebook for Indonesia that's been chosen by Indonesia's government Chromebook terbaik untuk Indonesia dan layak menjadi perangkat yang dipilih oleh pemerintah Indonesia to support increased use of domestic products in accordance with the Presidential Regulation Number 12 Year 2021.

Axioo Chromebook present with very attractive model. This laptop is very simple and weightless to carry everywhere, because it has “notebook holder” with a fairly compact screen size. Axioo Chromebook also equipped with a rotatable Web Camera and also Chrome OS, software made by Google that provides various features which makes teaching and learning activities more exciting and attractive with a high security system.

Axioo's commitment to education has been proven as is “Axioo Class Program” that has been estabilished Axioo since 2013. This program has a purpose to help the world of education in Indonesia in producing graduates who are ready to work so that it is useful for the country and the industrial world. Axioo Class Program already operating in more than 500 vocational schools and has trained up to more than 25,000 students until now. And through the presence of this Axioo Chromebook, Axioo could become a company that helps the Indonesian government in improving the quality of education and being able to bridge all the Indonesian nation's buds in achieving their goals.

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